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Trauma has become such a catch-all phrase that even though it has started to become destigmatized, it is still radically misunderstood. So, whether you know you’ve experienced some events in life that feel stuck in process, freezing you in a time and place you’d rather not be at any more, or you’re struggling to figure out what might be at the heart of a lifetime of feeling out of place… trauma is worth taking a look at.


Ever felt crazy in a relationship? Or… ever felt like the only sane one out there? How are you at setting and holding boundaries with others? Yourself? Co-dependency is a term that used to be applied only to substance addiction work. Now we know that co-dependency is its own issue that often comes with a pile of other baggage just along for the ride. If you feel like you’re arriving in the same relationship over and over, different face or job or location and same story, you might benefit from addressing the relational pattern of co-dependency.

relationship issues

We all want to connect with others. We don’t always know how to make that happen. Whether you’re wanting to work on relationship issues and concerns as a solo party wanting to improve yourself as a partner or you’d like to address relationship issues in the context of relationship counseling with your significant other(s), relationship counseling can help a struggling relationship find resolution and a good relationship great. I offer counseling for all structures and forms of consensual relationship.

grief + loss

Loss is like a fingerprint, unique to each individual as they experience it. There is no right or wrong way to experience grief and loss, whether it is from a death or a significant transition in any circumstance of life. However, if that grief seems to have taken over and left little room for hope, joy, or forward motion, it may be helpful to dive into that experience and see what might be under the surface.

identity development

Unfortunately, we live in a society and world that has not caught up to what has become scientifically and intuitively known… that people are varied. We struggle against a set of intersecting advantages and disadvantages, which bump up against our natured and nurtured experiences, and can leave some blurry lines in areas where we’d like to feel more clearly defined. Whatever stage of the process you’re in, for whatever area of yourself that you’re figuring out (gender identity, sexual orientation, relational expression and preference, cultural discovery and strengthening, religious transitions, etc), counseling can provide a validating and safe space to explore, drop the bottom out, and experience the fullness of yourself. Finally.


You keep finding yourself here, even after the last time and all the promises you made to yourself, to them, to anyone who would listen. It’s desperate, nonsensical, profoundly and traumatically destructive, and yet… you keep finding yourself here. I can be a primary support for you as you’re working on evolving your relapse prevention strategies. I can help you figure out if you want to make changes to the relationship you have with your problematic behavior. I can also provide a secondary line of support for you as you address your fight in a treatment program. Depending on the nature and severity of what you’re dealing with, you may require a higher level of care than I can provide… and I am happy to figure that out with you. Get help. You are not alone.

personality disorders

You’ve always felt like something was different about you. Other people seem to be able to interact, cope, express themselves, function… just live! It’s never been that simple for you, or at least not as long as you can remember. Maybe you’ve got a little itch at the back of your brain that has led you to explore the possibility of a diagnosis. Maybe you’ve got a not so little voice in your ear from someone else telling you there’s something wrong with you. Regardless, the possibility of a Personality Disorder can be scary. So, let’s take a look at it from a nonjudgmental, stigma-free, unafraid perspective and see what is actually there. This isn’t a death sentence. There is help.

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